Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Key of Happiness ^^

It has been quite a long time I haven't update my entry...and Alhamdulillah in this beautiful evening, I have been given a chance by Him..a chance to deliver my speech...hmmmm..could be a it is just a little advice, pieces of my heart that I want to share with all of you; my beloved sisters, brothers, my friends, relatives and everybody whose willing to spend a few moments, hmmmm...perhaps a few seconds, to read my entry.. :)

Brain: What is our topic today???
Heart: KeY  oF HAPPINESS!!!
Brain: What is that???
Heart: A feeling maybe???
Brain: Yes! you are right! A feeling...but then do you know how to get that???
Heart: Hmmmm...I'm not so sure...what I know if I'm feel happy,,then my owner will be happy too^^
Brain: wanna said that you are the one who create that happiness???
Heart: Yes..of course! I am 'the heart' !!! I control everything!!
Brain: Not really!! I am the one who produced the endorphin for will never feel happy if I didn't gave that to you!!
Heart: ENDORPHIN?? What is that?? I never heard it!
Brain: Kind of hormone produced by a tiny part from me..and you know it was a gift by Him..the almighty who create me and you and later fill us with several small and tiny structures, so that we will be able to help human who owned us:)
Heart: But which part of you produced it???
Brain: Haha...sounds jealous..don't worry because you also very give your beats to keep human alive..without you everybody is dying.. :)
Heart: You smell my jealousy...haha...I'm not so jealous actually..but I'm kinda sad because I'm not able to give happiness to my owner.. :(
Heart: Don't worry my friend, I gonna help you..let's work together..I also need you..without you to pump the blood, I'll never get my food-->the glucose...who will give energy for me to work..indeed, we need each other :)
Brain: You are right brain! Lets work together! caiyokk!!! fighting!! gambate!! ^^

* Happy creates happy; it is a cycle that you should never break and you should take every chance to spur these hormones on. 

Endorphins are produced in the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus gland and release an opioid-like secretion that masks pain with a natural analgesic and tells the body that everything is fine with the world.

Endorphins cannot be bough
t; only through your own effort you can bring them into being. Let them do what they do naturally; light they fire and reap the benefits!

The more often you can stimulate your brain to release these natural hormones, the better you will feel, and the easier it will be to put yourself into this happy state of being. ^^

HAPPINESS cannot be bought; we are the one who create happiness for ourselves (^^) keep on smiling :) and release more endorphins....being happy to be a healthy person!!!! ~_^

AND ACTUALLY FROM MY POINT OF be happy is by being a good person, possesses a clean heart, who always see the beauty in others...I'm sure if we got that..we are the happiest person ever...

My quotes for you:
keep on smiling...keep our endorphins level we never feel sad :)

"It's not easy to be a good person. but there's always a way to be a better person" 
"If you make others happy, you will be happy too"
"Jika kita mempermudahkan urusan orang lain, Allah pasti mempermudahkan urusan kita"
"Jika kita membahagiakan orang lain, Allah akan melipat kali gandakan kebahagiaan kita"
"Jangan merasa sayang untuk bersedekah. Infak lah sedikit dari apa yang kita miliki, kerana Allah pasti melebihkan harta dan kebahagiaan buat kita"
"The happiest thing is to see a smile of happiness of other person, and the best is when that happiness is come from us" ^^